Thursday, April 13, 2017

Expectations for summer?

My expectations for summer are going to Idaho to meet some of my relatives and stay there for most of the summer. The only thing that bums me is that it takes two days to get to Idaho and two more on the way back. My family and I will be staying in my aunts house and try to visit all of our relatives including my two cousins. The house will probably be in the country side and my aunt and uncle own a farm with goats and cows this is pretty good knowing that for the rest of the summer were probably be going outside and enjoy the summer there. What will I do next? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SOL#4 My favorite hobbies

My few of my favorite hobbies are listening to music because listening to music keeps me facous and going to the YMCA because I get to be active and move around to find out what is my limit . Each time I'm at the YMCA I run for 10 minutes and the speed  is usually 4.5-5.2 and head out to other activities. Other of my favorite activity is watching videos.  Such as vines or other humorous videos or watching my YouTube channels.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SOL#3 My four day plan

on Friday's I'm usually feeling calm and relaxed because i know it that we are going to two extra days of no school.My plans are't much to do  because I'm probably going to stay at home sleeping or just enjoy  it even dough time goes fast when you're not at school. If their is warm weather changes on Monday or Tuesday I will go outside or take a walk or just stay inside or just watch movies in those two extra days off from school. On those regular days off  such as Saturday and Sunday I and my parents will go to the stores don't sometimes we go and get some Chinese food and head home after that.and on Sunday we go to church and enjoy our day at home

Thursday, March 2, 2017


a time i was in c ompiution was when i was in. A birthay party when i was about 9 or 10 years old but the game was the musical chairs and we started out with. 7 players and 6 chairs as the music started it spanned and each time I got close to the chairs i slowed down to gert a better chance in winning.
As each of the chairs had been taken out so as the players that could not  make it into chairs on time and only 3 chairs were their along with for players that round was the round that got me out. As the other players continued  to play and as i saw with joy and sarrow that i could not have the prize but i was happy that i got to play and have fun. As the last two players spun around the chair and when the music stopped at they last beat. The one chair along with the two players pushed each other to win the prize. Nobody  knew what the prize will be only the host that had made the birthday party possible knew it was just a small bag of candy so we all did this just for a bag of cand that was all just fo lousy bag  the winner thought it was a joke as every body started laghing at him.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

warm day

  1. One day when it finally got warm outside i decided d to go outside and have the the most of it is cqalled my friend if they they wanted to go to go to the park and so on we went we enjoyed talking and we brought balls to play and pklaqyed games such as chick bal and other great games then we sat down and talked Moore  we Lagh and enjoyed that betiful day 

Monday, February 27, 2017

(SOL) New Years Eve

My New Years celebration went ok.
The first thing I did was to wake up absolutely and just got up not that much exited but very tired since I stood up all night watching tv.
So I was tired  a latter ate and watched tv as I forgot what day today was. I went to the kitchen a few hours later and saw my mom cooking i asked what was that food going to be for then she told me that it was going too the feast of the New Years then i realized I quickly went to my room and got myself some of my best jeans and a black shirt  with red flannel shirt and som red sport shoes. I also added lotion and fixed my hair since I worked up and it was like 11:35AM. At 3:00 we waited  if some of our guest came such as my aunt my uncle and my two cousins  and some other relatives i enjoyed it and it's tuned out to be good day until the final count down and when the clock hint 12:00 Am we hugged or shaked hands  we also ate grapes for luck in our New Years 2017.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Death Cure

This book is the third book from the maze runner.
They are 3 books the Maze Runner, Scorch Trails and The death cure.
 The summary of this book is that Thomas and his friend have to find a way to get away from WICKED. By the help of his friend Andrea and Minho and his other fiend that they encounter while getting away from WICKED and finding the truth in why she really needs such as using the people as lab rats to find the cure for the scorch.
The scorch is a disease that infected most of the human populations. The scorch also made people into monsters. By the help of other survivors find out how Thomas and his friends get away from Wicked.